Oyster Finder and branding of an oyster.

Most folks who don’t eat oysters  have no idea of the variety of shapes, sizes and flavors that oysters can take.  I am a fan of branding oysters.  My brand of oyster is a pacific oyster grown in Humboldt Bay. The Bucksport Oyster is characterized in my mind by a briny burst and a melony finish.  first year oysters have a thinner shell and might not be as meaty, but second year oysters have a thick shell and a deeper cup.  The reason for this is because I grow oysters in heavy mesh plastic bags and as I move the bags and sort the oysters the ones I put back to grow some more take on a thick shell and deeper cup the second time around.   At this point the cocktail size oyster of 2.5-3 inch are harder to come by due to the rate at which pacific oysters grow in Humboldt Bay.  Trying to be consistent is the trick for a brand to stick in the consumers mind and make a good impression every time.mother shell

The Oyster Finder Page  can help those who are interested and curious about oysters discover various methods, regions,  and descriptions of oysters that are well-known around the US and the World.

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