Promote, Provide, Profits.


Had rip roaring week in the bay area this past week.  Was able to do promotional events during the week.  It started with a shucking station at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club during Wednesday night buffet  and setting up another event in October (more details on that event in the weeks to come).  Thanks to Gary, executive chef and John, sous chef at the club.  The staff was great and really looking forward to providing the members at LAGCC another special evening of fresh oysters and aquaculture education.


My second event was at Justin’s in Santa Clara.  We offered an oyster with purchase of a beverage and a social media check-in during Happy Hour on Thursday evening.  Would like to thank Wesley, Tom, and Justin himself for giving me the opportunity.  This was an off the cuff event that was slammed together and just happened.  Will plan more appropriately in the future for this space.  Now that the shell has been cracked, the staff is ready and they also seemed willing  after the first succulent morsel made its way onto a virgin palate or two.

My last event was filled with friends from the past and friends of friends for the future.  Had a great time and looking forward to stringing this parade together for next year.


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